Make your research software FAIR!
The FAIR-RS tooling makes it easy for researchers to comply with the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) principles for research software by offering tools to maintain software metadata and release software catering particularly for the findable and accessible aspects of the FAIR principles.

  • With FACILE-RS (previously known as openCARP-CI), you can easily manage the metadata for your software. You maintain a unique CodeMeta metadata file manually, and then generate derived metadata files automatically:
  • FACILE-RS also facilitates publishing releases of your software on the research data repository RADAR in an automated way based on the information in your CodeMeta file
  • We provide GitLab runners on the KIT GitLab instance for automating your CI workflow
  • You can use our KIT project template to start a new GitLab project prepopulated with metadata and a basic openCARP-CI workflow, or start from your own existing project.

Follow this link to learn how to get started with FAIR-RS.