The RDM@KIT Serviceteam - Plain Language

The RDM@KIT Service-Team is a service provided by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Service-Team RDM@KIT is a difficult word.
It is in English.
And it uses abbreviations.

The individual parts of Service-Team RDM@KIT mean:

  • Service is English and means: customer service.
  • Team is English and means: group of people.
  • R D M is the abbreviation for: Research Data Management. This is English and means: handling research data.
  • The @ sign means: at.
  • K I T is the abbreviation for: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

The Service-Team RDM@KIT is:
A group of people for customer service at KIT.
This group advises on the handling of research data.

The customers of the RDM@KIT Service-Team are the employees of KIT.

The scientists generate research data during their research.

Research data are for example

  • Measurement data such as time, weight or temperature.
  • Images of animals and plants.
  • Voice recordings

Research data must be stored properly.
Scientists must be able to find and understand it. Other people should also be able to work with the research data.

The RDM@KIT Service-Team helps to handle research data correctly.