Research Data Management Software

Software is a relevant part of research processes and indispensable in generating research data and results. At the same time, it can be a tool for research as well as a result and thus itself a research dataset.

Various tools are available for research and research data management: These range from Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) for documenting your research (Chemotion, Kadi4Mat), to tools for developing and versioning code (GitLab or Jupyter Notebooks), to tools for successful data management (RDMO). The SCC provides software and licenses to KIT employees and students, which can be used in the context of university teaching and research. An overview of possibilities for storing and publishing your research data can be found under "Repositories" and "Storage Infrastructure".

If the software is not only a tool, but research data itself, you will find recommendations for the implementation of good scientific practice in the development of research software, including versioning, documentation and publication, on