Logo JLSRFThe Journal of large-scale research facilities (JLSRF) publishes articles describing large-scale scientific equipment. This covers large-scale equipment from all scientific disciplines that is intended to be used by scientists who are not affiliated to the institution operating the facilities (dedicated user operation). The articles in JLSRF provide scientists with a simple means to reference large-scale facilities in their publications. In their terms of use, operators of large-scale equipment can refer to the respective article in JLSRF.

The articles are provided with their own Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and can therefore be cited. Due to the DOI and its linkage to a large research facility, they are also uniquely citable. Providers and users of large-scale facilities have advantages through the DOI for the proof of use of the facilities as well as through the simple and standardized way of citig. Overall, the use of large-scale facilities becomes more transparent.

All articles are published in the name of the operating institution (corporate author) and not by an individual author. Thes prevents "automatic" personal citations. Contact details for at least one contact for the respective equipment are given in all articles.

Contact persons and users of large-scale research facilities in the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres are the main target groups of the JLSRF. The journal is open for articles from large-scale research facilities of other institutions, universities and companies.