Research Data Management Organiser

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With RDMO, the Research Data Management Organizer, you can create and manage your data management plans (DMPs). A DMP is a helpful document that increases the chances of obtaining a project application. In the RDMO, this is done via a questionnaire, which can always be adapted to the current situation during a research project.


RDMO is more than the creation of a DMP document and offers further advantages:

  • Supports the entire life of a project and afterwards
  • Involves all stakeholders, not just researchers and funders
  • Tracks all relevant information for data management
  • Can compile all relevant planning data and data management tasks over the entire life cycle of the research data
  • Is Multilingual (German and English)
  • Uses a structured interview for input
  • Provides different DMP templates (EU H2020) as views
  • Distributes tasks automatically to project members
  • Provides an import/export function and offers various formats for download

Try it!


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