Chemotion offers a free-to-use infrastructure and open source software for the management of research data, especially for chemists and related sciences. Chemotion includes a suite consisting of an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), a web repository and helpful tools. The goal is to simplify routine work with molecular data, thus increasing the amount of open data and improving the quality of the information obtained and published.


The aim of the project KCDC (KASCADE Cosmic Ray Data Centre) is the installation and establishment of a public data centre for high-energy astroparticle physics based on the data of the KASCADE experiment. KASCADE was a very successful large detector array which recorded data during more than 20 years on site of the KIT-Campus North, Karlsruhe, Germany (formerly Forschungszentrum, Karlsruhe) at 49,1°N, 8,4°E; 110m a.s.l. KASCADE collected within its lifetime more than 1.7 billion events of which some 433.000.000 survived all quality cuts and are made available here for public usage.


MO|RE data (eResearch-Infrastructure for MOtor REsearch data) collects normalized data and publishes accompanying material for motor performance tests. At the core of the database will be data from the Deutschen Motorik-Tests 6-18 (German only), as well as selected standardized and widely applied motor performance tests. MO|RE data is planned to be accessible free of charge for researcher as well as practioners (trainers, teachers, physicians), and the interested public.


The Registry of Research Data Repositories collects research data repositories of various scientific disciplines in a central, web-based research and verification system.
re3data persues a comprehensive recording of research data repositories based on a documented evaluation, as well as a structural and content analysis of the repositories, whilst also taking the heterogeneity of the data in account.


The Virtual Research Environment for Water and Terrestrial Environmental Research (V-FOR-WaTer) within the Water Research Network Baden-Württemberg is a generic virtual research environment for common and systematic management of data obtained from water and environmental research. This project also provides an access to the environmental monitorin data of LUBW and DWD through connecting the corresponding databases.
The main focus points of the project are data management and direct access to analysis tools in order to quickly process the research data and use them for prognostic modeling. Development of this virtual research environment is part of the sustainable data and software concepts of Water Research Network as well as the further development of Water and Environmental research in Baden-Württemberg.