Legal Aspects

When working with research data, legal aspects need to be considered.

The right of allocation describes the respective authority to decide on the handling and publication of research data. In addition, the Federal Data Protection Act, Patent Law and the Basic Data Protection Regulation must be taken into account.

Different fields of law have influence on the publication of research data.

The graphic by Paul Baumann provides an overview (German only):


From: Baumann, Paul: Zuordnungsrecht. Präsentation vom 22.06.2018 beim 9. DINI/nestor-Expertenworkshop. Online:


The team of has compiled a decision tool on the most important legal aspects of publishing research data (German only):



It is not possible to provide generally valid information on legal aspects of the publication of research data. Since a wide variety of possibilities and circumstances must be taken into account in each individual case, only a guideline can be given here. Legally binding statements can only be made in specific legal consultations. All information given here is therefore without guarantee.


Licenses refer to the respective user contract clarify the possible use of the data. The scope of potential subsequent use can thus be limited. Under certain circumstances, permission must be obtained for certain uses, for example from a liaison office.

It is important to consider the licensing of research data during all phases of the research data cycle.

The Public Licence Selector is a tool that can help you choose a suitable licence. A summary on licensing of research data is provided by (German only).


Some documents on the legal handling of research data (German only):

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