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KIT University of Excellence projects

The concept "The Research University in the Helmholtz Association | Living the Change", KIT's successful application in the funding line of “Universities of Excellence” in the Excellence Strategy competition, relies on three central, interconnected packages of measures (Thrusts): strengthening excellent research and its agility over the entire range from fundamental research to application (Thrust A), intensive dialog and exchange with society (Thrust B), and providing reliable academic careers (Thrust C).

ExU-Vorhaben im Überblick

Within Thrust A the Research Data Management (RDM) project promotes further expansion of research data management at KIT and pursues three overarching goals:

  • broadly effective support for the digitization of research processes in the field of RDM
  • promoting the use of research data across organizational units and disciplines
  • enabling scientific communities at KIT to find, share, use, and archive data - while respecting ethical, legal, economic, and contractual framework conditions and maintaining data sovereignty

For this purpose, the RDM of selected coordinated large-scale research projects will be set up as best practice and transferred to other specialist communities as a "blueprint". This is done in particular with regard to the use of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs), their connection to repositories, and the associated interaction of centralized and decentralized services.

The project team of the RDM project organized an internal KIT workshop in March 2020, which was attended by more than 60 RDM actives. After the presentation of about 20 ideas from the institutes, the participants continued to discuss in five topic clusters. The workshop resulted in a number of joint project proposals. Five of these were selected by the Executive Board for the first funding round after discussion in the Steering Committee for Research and Innovation:

  • Automated multimedia knowledge extraction from publications using structural equation models as an example
  • DORA4KIT - Subproject Data Literacy
  • DORA4KIT - Subproject Data Score
  • Kadi4x – Cross-domain and workflow-based FDM for the civil engineering
  • SciMotion-ELN for KIT: Implementation of generic and domain spanning functions to an existing ELN

Head of the RDM project: Prof. Dr. Hannes Hartenstein
RDM project team: Jan Kröger (STAB-DO), Dr. Felix Bach (SCC), Dr. Sabine Barthlott (IMK-ASF), Dr. Hans-Jürgen Goebelbecker (on behalf Rhiannon Schmitt) (BIB), Dr. Nicole Jung (IOC), Dr. Ephraim Schoof (IAM), Dr.-Ing. Michael Selzer (IAM), Dr. Rainer Stotzka (SCC), Frank Tristram (APH)