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About Us

The following service units and research institutes are currently working together in the service team for research data management:

KIT Library (BIB)
The KIT Library advises and supports scientists, e.g. in the preparation of a data management plan (DMP), the allocation of licenses, the preparation of metadata, the search for suitable repositories to store research data, or the development of repositories.
Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)
As KIT's computer center, the SCC provides an infrastructure for the storage of research data within the research data life cycle. The mission to store data within the LSDF and especially to store research data for institutions in Baden-Württemberg in bwDataArchive is focused on bitstream preservation.
KIT Archive (ARCHIV)
KIT Archive serves as long-term memory of the institution. This comprises information about the structure of research projects, terms of cooperation and the use of research data.
Research Office (FOR)
FOR is the central contact for the acquisition of research funds. Advice is provided for scientists on funding programmes and instruments of the DFG, the federal government, the state, foundations, Helmholtz Association, the EU and other international funding agencies. Furthermore FOR informs about requirements and specifications regarding research data management set by third-party funders for research proposals.
Innovations- and Relations Management (IRM)
The service unit IRM is the central partner for KIT employees, the protectability of research data and their commercialization. IRM's broad range of support services for employees extends to all aspects of modern technology transfer, from inventor consulting and technology marketing, financing of transfer projects to licensing.
Seviceteam RDM@KIT Staff
Portrait Title Name Phone Email Responsibilities
    angelika semrauWta8∂kit edu re3data editorial team, website administration
    claudia kramerGkz6∂kit edu Support
  edeltraud schnepfVxg5∂kit edu re3data editorial team, website administration
  ephraim schoofUqg2∂kit edu POLiS
  frank tristramJqn3∂kit edu 3DMM2O
  gabriele kloskaBut4∂kit edu re3data editorial team, Liaison Office
  jan kroegerYra0∂kit edu Digital Office
  rhiannon schmittNkt5∂kit edu  
    robert ulrichPlw3∂kit edu IT, re3data, bwDIM
  Dipl.-Geogr. wolfgang reikZaj0∂kit edu Support for third-party funded projects
Dr. goebelbeckerRow8∂kit edu Support, Liaison Office
  Dr. kerstin wedlichJgr3∂kit edu bwFDM-Info, RDMO
Dr. klaus nippertGgv1∂kit edu Head of KIT-Archive
Dr. rainer stotzkaFet6∂kit edu Data Manager
Dr.-Ing. PHD felix bachVmd4∂kit edu bwDIM, bwDataArchive, LSDF
2 additional persons visible within KIT only.